Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Lucid dreamers -- how would you respond to this question about dream figures sent to my book's website  at www.LucidAdvice.com by Tobias?
Hi Robert, Happy new year and looking forward to your new book. My question is about dream figures. I have noticed that every time when I am not lucid and have a conversation with a figure the dialogue is like in physical life and their eyes look alive and full of awareness. 
But if I gain lucidity during the same conversation, they stop talking and only answer back with nothing or strange words. Also their eyes become blank and robotic. This happens every time, it's like when I gain awareness they loose theirs! Is this something you have reflected upon? 
Like last night I had a good dialogue with a lady but as soon as I became lucid she turned zombie like and stopped answering my questions. Best regards/ Tobias

Robert Waggoner 12/30/2014 12:59 PM
Hi Tobias, 
Yes, my new book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple (with co-author Caroline McCready) has just come out in print! Hope you enjoy it. To your interesting question... basically, you are saying that dream figures seem to lose awareness, when you gain awareness. Hmmm..... I wonder about that.
Does the lucid dreamer's sudden awareness just make them seem dim by comparison? Or were they always dim, and your lucidity 'confirms' that (but while non-lucid, they seemed equal to you?). 
In my first book, I suggest some guidelines for interacting with dream figures and the proper way to ask questions.... but I assume you know not to insult them by saying, 'Do you know this is a dream?' -- since they usually respond by looking very disappointed. 
Anyway, I have sometimes become lucid by interacting with very smart dream figures, who remained smart in the lucid dream. Because of those instances, I disagree with a simple, 'I become lucid, DFs become less intelligent'. The actual situation seems much more complex!
As all of us lucid dreamers discover, dream figures vary in awareness, responsiveness, behavior and apparent intelligence!  So it seems hard to make general claims about dream figures -- since they vary as much as lucid dreamers.  :-)
Lucid wishes and Happy New Year!

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