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Mental Magic and the Battle of Beliefs

Clicking around the internet today, I came across an interesting post by a lucid dreamer.  He said his father taught him how to become lucidly aware in his frequent nightmares, as a young child.

The father taught him lucid dreaming, through the use of 'mental magic'.

One day, the father came into his bedroom before sleep and announced that he had purchased a very special and very magic 'wand'.  This wand was so powerful and so amazing that if you slept with it under your pillow, it would be there in your dreams whenever you had a nightmare.  Then you could grab your wand, and knowing it was just a dream, get rid of the frightful monsters.

Of course, the very special, magic wand was composed of plastic and probably cost less than a dollar.  But that didn't matter to this young child.  He now had something to help him, something that would be there in those nightmarish dreams, and help him see them as dreams and banish the monsters.

You know what?  It worked!!

When the monsters would appear in his dreams, the young child would suddenly look around for his magic dream wand, become lucid, and dispatch the monsters.  They disappeared!  Excitedly in the morning, he probably told his father about the success of the magic wand, and how the dream monsters had been forced to disappear!

His father probably just appreciated everyone getting a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately though, this story does not have a 'happy ever after' ending....

The young child's early success with the magic wand worked only for a couple of months.  Then, somehow, the dream monsters figured out a way to overcome the power of the magic wand.  The wand began to lose its effectiveness.  And as it did, the young child began to lose his confidence too.  Bit by bit, the nightmares returned.

And now, as a young man, the lucid dreamer reports that nightmares are kind of a family tradition.  Moreover, he has come to believe that nightmares are possibly genetic.

I don't know about that....  What I do know: lucid dreaming involves 'relating' -- relating to the objects and figures in the lucid dream, and relating to your own beliefs and expectations, your own focus and intent.  If you know how, you can overcome your limiting beliefs and expectations.  You can banish them (whether they appear as monsters, witches, zombies, or flying monkeys), and deplete them of energy (your projected energy).

You can win the Battle of Beliefs.

In our new book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, you can see how to do it.  Better yet, you can teach your child, your nieces and nephews, your friends, how to become more talented, aware and compassionate lucid dreamers.

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